SalesPlatform was founded in 2010.

Innovation: SalesPlatform software is based on the Vtiger CRM free platform. This free software provides for the out-of-the-box automation of the entire corporate operating cycle: sales and marketing processes, including phone calls to clients, bulk email and bulk SMS, registering applications from the corporate website, filing documents (quotes,, invoices, statements, invoices), maintaining lists of goods and services, procurement and processing of customer orders and after-sales service. On SalesPlatform, all of these functions support the Russian-language interface and are adapted to the nuances of doing business in Russia. Specifically for the Russian market, the developers of SalesPlatform have implemented modules to create primary accounting documentation according to the standards adopted in the Russian Federation, as well as modules for integration with "1C: Enterprise" software, social networks and support for the Russian classifier of KLADR addresses.

SalesPlatform has also created a mechanism for configuring SalesPlatform Vtiger CRM and an environment for the web-development of CRM-solutions. This unique know-how allows SalesPlatform professionals to develop, implement and maintain customized solutions for business automation – whether in cloud mode or by installing them on the client's server.

Perspective: SalesPlatform free platform is now used by thousands of organizations in Russia, CIS and foreign countries. SalesPlatform experts have carried out implementation for more than a hundred clients. The geography of clients and range of solutions based on the platform are constantly expanding – from the automation of sales and call centres to the development of business-intelligence systems and online services for our clients.

Organization: Virtual Enterprise Infrastructure

Project manager: Igor Struchkov