CompasBP Mobile Apps – Development of Mobile Applications:

• BP-Discount is a new marketing vehicle on the B2C market.
• BP-Fuel is available in App Store. This application will help users to save fuel, keep records and display statistics of car fuel consumption. Digital and graphic statistics for:

- fuel consumption / fuel price / fuel expenses / fueled amount;

- flexible settings of measurement units and interface elements: (liters/gallons US-UK/ l/100 km / MPG).

• BP-L-Planner is a planning organizer (available in Google Market). The advantage of this planner against its counterparts is that it can add members of your contact list to the task even if you don’t know their e-mails. It enables loading a task with a voice. The tasks are synchronized with your Google account, and you can view and edit them from other services if you want.
• BP-Libitum is a platform to develop various mobile apps to keep records of business activities of an enterprise.
• BP-Voice is a mobile app acting as a baby monitor. It greatly helps young mothers and fathers.

BP-Voice app allows a smartphone user to interact with a specific receiving voice recorder. The recorder is connected with the smartphone through Wi-Fi, and then the app can perform the following functions:

• getting data on the battery charge level;
• getting data on the amount of free space in the memory of the recorder;
• remote sound recording;
• remote listening to the record on the smartphone.

BP-Zvuk application is designed for the Android operating system.

A new direction of the start-up CompasBP is the development, designing and creation of robots, BP-Robotics. In February 2016 the company created an effective prototype of a robot submarine presented at the exhibition “Hi-Tech Week” in St. Petersburg.

Company: IP N. S. Yakobson

Project Managers: Sergey Melnikov