Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer – activity of Ingria business-incubator. 

The consultant of projects Sergey Baranov is responsible for direction’s development.


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Project coordinator Kirill Guryev>> 



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Technology Transfer (TT) facilitates the transfer of innovative solutions from the developer to manufacturer. Main participants of TT are partners that have a need for the implementation of innovative solutions, residents of Ingria business-incubator interested in partners and commercial orders as well as experts, mentors who advise the projects. The main purpose of TT is to create conditions and channels for technology transfer between residents and customers.

Activity in TT is planned on basis of international experience which shows that the process of technology transfer takes from 3 to 5 years.

Work with queries of partner companies on implementation of innovative technologies

We received over 280 requests for innovation from partners from September 2014.

What do we do to implement innovation solutions:

• regularly inform residents of business-incubator about new requests for technology transfer;

• gather feedback from residents that could potentially solve the problem of a customer;

• sent startups’ solutions to potential customers for examination.

After successfully completing the steps above selected projects are either sent for further examination or begin the process of technology transfer. Since September 2014 we contributed to 12 successful technology transfers.

Event organization, project expertize

On DemoDay and VC/DemoDay events residents have the opportunity to present their solutions to potential customers after a preliminary screening by the consultants of business-incubator. View brochures of events >>


Contact with businessmen and industry experts

From September 2014 Ingria business-incubator formed a list of more than 200 representatives of business and industry who can act as experts, investors and mentors for residents developing technological innovative projects.


Preparing residents to Technology Transfer 

During individual meetings with experts, mentors, consultants of Ingria business-incubator residents are preparing for future interaction with the customer. Only since September 2014 more than 100 individual meetings for residents were organized with mentors, experts and representatives of relevant enterprises. Such meetings are combined with thematic workshops which are led by representatives of major Russian and international companies. In particular, mentors (working in the direction TT) are regularly preparing new methodical materials for residents of an incubator. Due to collaboration with mentors Ingria is able to improve the quality of residents’ preparation for technology transfer continuously.


Mentor’s club

The close cooperation of business-incubator with mentors and experts is a key factor for improving the quality of residents’ training to transfer technology. The number of professionals involved in working together is constantly growing. The list of mentors who consult the residents of Ingria business-incubator in Technology Transfer you can see by clicking on the link >> 


For companies: 

For startups:

As a partner of Ingria business-incubator, you are able to:

  • - leave your requests for implementation of innovative technologies;
  • - get an opportunity to participate in activities of TT to familiarize with innovative developments (DemoDays, VC/DemoDays, individual meetings with residents of a business-incubator);
  • - get access to projects upon request;
  • - promote your enterprise through the information resources of Ingria business-incubator.

To become our partner, please fill in the following form >> 

As a resident of Ingria business-incubator, you are able to:

  • - get information about requests of partner companies;
  • - participate in activities of TT to promote your own solutions (DemoDays, VC/DemoDays, Technology Transfer Days, individual meetings with corporate partners, mentors and investors);
  • - obtain assistance in preparation of marketing materials, as well as organizing meetings with major companies;
  • - participate in educational programs to enhance marketing, presentation skills and sales.

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Contact information:

Phone : (812) 313 1085 (EXT. 128)




“Media about us”

«Braille Glove» 

Prototype of the device "Braille Glove" for deaf-blind. The principle is the use of Braille sign language. Resident of Ingria business incubator, “4BLIND”, Technology Transfer department, 07.11.2016