An accelerated development program for young innovative companies. Residents receive support in four areas; investments, mentors, marketing, and HR, as well as access to start-up infrastructure.

Duration of the program: up to 36 months.

Resident Programme: 

The Resident Programme offers individual tracking support for a resident’s project (see below), including compilation and management of an individual work programme, assistance in preparing investment and marketing presentation materials, preparation for participating in meetings, events, help in attracting potential customers, partners and investors for each specific project.  

The Resident Programme also includes infrastructure options:

  • - 1 co-working work station 24/7
  • - Opportunity to hold an event in the conference hall once per quarter
  • - Negotiating rooms
  • - Internet access
  • - Equipped kitchen
  • - Access to partner network services
  • - Project management by a coordinator or consultant (business incubator service for constant monitoring of a resident’s needs, informing the resident about significant events)
  • - Possible use of additional services

Cost: 4,500 RUB/month

Correspondence Resident Programme:

The Correspondence Resident Programme offers access to participation in all events within the support (see below) held both by Ingria and by partners.

The Resident Programme also includes infrastructure options:

  • - Possible use of negotiating rooms at a preferential cost of 500 RUB/h.
  • - Possible leasing of the conference hall at preferential rates of 700 RUB/h (at a special price)

Cost: 2,500 RUB/month

Advantages of the program

  • A goal-oriented approach. Development is oriented towards a concrete goal with defined deadlines and results, such as attracting investments, selecting specialists, team-building, etc. 
  • Focus on personal contacts and relationships.. We know who you have to connect with and help you to organize your interactions with them. 
  • Every project has its own account manager. у каждого проекта.  
  • Monthly educational events: group consultations, Ttain & Develop, Open Days, Lead the Way nd other events dedicated to key aspects of business development. 
  • Additional products to handle individual needs.  
  • A mentorship program.. The mentors are successful entrepreneurs and market experts that help projects to reach their goals.

Areas of support


  • VC Day investment sessions every 3 months. Before each session, an educational program will be held, which will help residents to prepare for their meetings with investors.
  • Every month, investors come to Ingria for One-on-One Meetings with residents. Investors select residents to meet with or accept the recommendations of a panel of experts.
  • Twice a year, an educational program to prepare presentations for investors is held.
  • Every quarter, a training session from the Train&Develop series is held with the help of the business incubator, business angels or representatives of investment funds.
  • Expert evaluation of residents’ presentations by the business incubator’s experts before the meetings with investors.
  • Information on residents that are seeking investments is added to a special section on the Ingria website and distributed to a database of business angels and investors.
  • Individual consultations with business incubator experts in various areas.


  • Every month, individual meetings with representatives of large businesses (potential customers) or organized every month for residents that work in the B2B markets, projects are rigorously selected and prepared for the meeting by the business incubator’s own consultants.
  • Once a quarter, Road Show sessions are held so that residents’ projects can be presented to large companies. Every quarter, training sessions from the Train&Develop series are held with the help of experts on marketing, sales, online marketing, and other issues involved in promoting products and services.
  • The opportunity for discounted participation in events held by partners.
  • News about each project are published in a monthly Information Bulletin.
  • Descriptions of residents’ products are distributed to major companies and partners of the business incubator.


  • Information about residents’ open vacancies are distributed through all of the business incubator’s channels of communications: the website, promotions at related events held by partners, and the distribution of information at partner universities.
  • Organizational support for on-the-job training and internships at resident companies for students at partner universities.
  • Joint training programs for young specialists aimed at preparing them to work at a particular start-up on specific tasks, further career placement for students that successfully complete the program at a resident company.
  • Every quarter, trainings from the Train&Develop series are held with the help of recruiting experts.
  • Individual consultations with business incubator experts in various areas.


  • Mentorship is one of the key instruments used to support young innovative companies. A mentor is a specialist, entrepreneur or expert who helps residents to sold unusual managerial and technical issues. As a rule, work with a mentor is conducted on a non-profit basis and makes it possible to receive valuable information and support, build the necessary connections and relationships, find the right partners, and much more. Ingria helps its residents to find a mentor and organizes their work together.

Start-up infrastructure

    • 1 work station in the co-working area.
    • Well-equipped negotiation rooms.
    • Internet access.
    • A fully equipped kitchen.
    • Access to the services of the partnership network.
    • The project is led by an account manager.
    Cost: 4500 rubles/month

    Additional services: work stations


    • A common work space divided by partitions, where several projects can work at once. . 
    • Renters of work stations in a cubicle receive additional hours in the negotiation rooms and conference halls.
    • The cost of rent also includes local calls and sending and receiving correspondence.
    • Entire cubicles must be rented; each one includes 2 workstations.
    Cost of 1 workstation: 2500 rubles/month


    • Every project receives a separate office with several workstations, equipped with the necessary furniture.
    • Renters of office workstations receive additional hours in the negotiation rooms and conference halls.
    • The cost of rent also includes local calls and sending and receiving correspondence.
    • Entire offices must be rented, started at 2 work stations.
    Cost of 1 work station: 5000 rubles/month


    How to become a resident

  • Download and completed the application and send it by email:
  • Undergo expert analysis.The Business Incubator’s expert council must recognize your project as innovative. Furthermore, you must have a legal entity that is classified as a small business (the majority stockholder’s share does not exceed 25%, the number of employees does not exceed 100, annual turnover does not exceed 400 million rubles.
  • Sign a contract.

Selection criteria for projects

  • Technical feasibility
  • Economic viability
  • Correct evaluation of the market
  • Features that set a project apart from competitors
  • Sound business model
  • A strategy for promotion and sales
  • An existing team
  • Scalability
  • Attractiveness for investors

We do not work with projects in the following areas:

  • The production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or products of a sexual nature
  • The creation and development of military technology or dual-use technology
  • Organizing and conducting games of chance
  • Mineral production
  • Capital construction
  • Operations with commercial, industrial and residential real estate