Partnership with Universities

Young high technology start-ups, as the work of incubators around the world shows, must constantly be in an innovative environment. The most effective way of reaching this goal is joint work involving business incubators and leading technical universities. In 2010, the Business Incubator launched I2U, a program of cooperation with the universities of Saint Petersburg.

 Бизнес-инкубатор Ингрия-ИТМО

The primary forms of cooperation with universities offered by the I2U program are:

- the creation of a student consulting program for resident’s projects

- cooperation with students from foreign universities (Laurea, Aalto) to introduce Ingria residents’ products on the European market

- holding specialized VC Day Ingria investment session for university projects

-creating and holding training programs on the basics of technological entrepreneurship for university students and employees

- conducting work to evaluate the commercial potential of university scientific and technical developments with the help of leading market experts

- holding internships and on-the-job training, supporting term and final papers


Advantages for universities:

- quality on-the-job training for students, an opportunity to work on real cases

- additional educational programs for students and instructors

- the development and commercialization of technological projects created at universities

- organizing joint events in the field of technological entrepreneurship.


The I2U program currently includes the following universities: