Sukhomilinov Vadim, Strategic Business Development Manager, Intel


Vadim graduated from the department of technical cybernetics of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Up until 2004, he went from engineer/programmer to project manager at the Saint Petersburg branch of Motorola. His primary specialty was the application of formal methods to verify and validate distributed systems.

Vadim has worked at Intel since 2004. He initially specialized in the promotion of server platforms in the role of an applications engineer and worked with independent software developed, helping to provide support for new functions. Since 2006, he has managed a team handling the promotion of virtualization and active management technologies among independent software developers in the European region.

Since 2010 he has been responsible for the development of mobile equipment (netbooks, tablets, plug-in solutions).

Since 2011, he has led projects through the Ideas and Reality program at Intel to create new sources of income and develop service models, both within the company and in cooperation with outside partners.

Consultation on:

- Technical marketing
- Strategic business development
- Promoting new products
- Managing the software development process
- Sales