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The attraction of investments for the residents is one of the top priorities of Ingria Business Incubator.

In 2009-2015 the amount of investments in the projects of Incubator’s residents was more than 1,95 billion RUR. The projects of our residents are financed by different well-known companies and venture funds such as HeadHunter, Yandex, RBC, Microsoft, ABRT, Rosnano, Skolkovo, Start Fellows and others.

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The key factor for startup development is investment. Since 2009 Ingria consult startup projects regarding cooperation with investors, conclusion and monitoring of investment transaction. 

Ingrid residents have a unique access to the individual program of consultations and appointments with the representatives of venture funds, as well as the opportunity to participate in One-on-One Meetings, Rain&Develop trainings and investment sessions VC Day Ingria.


Ingria Business Incubator is open for cooperation with all interested venture funds, private investors and business angels.

The projects, ready for investments, can be found in RESIDENTS section. If you want to get further information about a certain startup, please, contact our, Polina Lukjanova




From 2009 to 2015 the investments were attracted by the following Ingria residents*:

  • Blabroom
  • Radario
  • Energy-efficient measuring systems
  • Electronic language
  • FreshOffice
  • Kupongid
  • KwikPik
  • Electronic reception
  • Want-This
  • Spectrlaser
  • eLama
  • Go+
  • HepyScreen
  • SeeMedia
  • Last.Backend
  • The production of high-speed Gigabit radio communication systems and high-frequency measuring devices gigahertz range
  • Teplokom
  • Correct filter
  • Smart machines
  • Fleximade
  • (Системы высокоточной спутниковой навигации)
  • See Media
  • Smart House
  • Cluborama
  • Tomograph
  • LikeHack (M.Kechinov studio)
  • Podster
  • Pay2U
  • Rees 46
  • Sinteka
  • Stafory


  • CloudberryLab
  • Diary
  • Body Nova
  • STC Innovative Dentistry
  • Fresh Office
  • Design and creation of thermoelectric battery with an increased efficiency and service life
  • DOC
  • Ertek
  • Innovative systems
  • IT Mozg
  • Double Defense
  • Cardiotrainig
  • i-Queue
  • Monitoring of urban, transport and energy infrastructure, with the help of UAV systems (unmanned aerial vehicles) GeoScan
  • Dzenmoney
  • MediaInsight
  • RubicPro
  • DrinCash
  • Led Microsensor
  • Piligrim 21
  • SAEX
  • ScratchDuino
  • Cashbox
  • Mevodena
  • Medel
  • Addreality
  • Swipe
  • Where Now
  • The innovative synthesis technology
  • The technology of motion control robotic systems based on the desired strength of interaction with the environment , and / or manipulated object

* Some of these companies are already operating outside Ingria Business Incubator. The actual list of the residents you may find in RESIDENTS section.


Dear Investors,

to get more information about our residents, please, contact our Polina Lukjanova