The Technopark

The Technopark is an area with a high concentration of innovative activity, where cooperation among companies in the high technology sector is accelerated thanks to developed infrastructure and the availability of necessary services.

The Technopark makes it possible to change the employment structure of Saint Petersburg by creating new jobs in intellectual and knowledge-intensive industries, and also makes it possible to distribute products with a significant intellectual component.

The project to create the Ingria Technopark envisages the construction of a building with a total area on the order of 320 thousand square meters, including:

  • Office buildings for residents
  • Business incubator with training center
  • Administration building
  • Date centers
  • Hotel, conference center
  • Residential buildings to provide temporary accommodation for residents’ employees
  • Multi-layered parking structures with built-in retail and amenities

The project was developed in a way that not only accounted for the technological needs of IT companies, but also the task of creating comfortable urban development of a radically new kind, with significant green spaces and attention to preserving the natural landscape (green spaces make up approximately 45% of the total area), environmentally-friendly architecture, low density (less than 40%) and low-rise buildings (with an average of 8 floors).

The project to create the Technopark will be completed in several stages by 2015. The significant time allotted is necessitates not so much by the limitations of the construction process as the by readiness of the IT company market, since the Technopark will create more than 14,000 jobs.

The project is being completed as part of a comprehensive program entitled “the Creation of High Technology Technopark in the Russian Federation” (approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 328-p dated March 10th 2006), and part of the project is being financed through a comprehensive program entitled “Science. Industry. Innovation,” implemented in Saint Petersburg for 2012-2015 (approved by Decree of the Government of Saint Petersburg 835 dated 28 June 2011).

Official Website of the Technopark