Presentations of technological projects to the experts of Business Incubator "Ingria" in order to obtain feedback on the consistency of the business model, technical feasibility, the ability to monetise and scale, improve the skills of conducting effective pitches.

The best projects will get a chance to become full-time or part-time residents of “Ingria@ Incubator right after Startup Lynch!


Why attend?

• Find faults in your project

• Learn from other people's mistakes

• Get a chance to become a resident of Ingria immediately after Startup Lynch, strongly winning on the time of passing the examination process.


How often?

Every last Friday of the month at 11 a.m. For more accurate information follow the schedule on the website.

The next StartupLynch will be held on June 30, 2017 at 11.00

Acceptance of applications from projects on June 26


Do you want to present your project?

1. Apply for Startup Lynch >>

2. Send your pitch deck (you can use our template >>) to 


Startup Lynch is the regular event in the calendar of the Business Incubator "Ingria". It is aimed at getting acquainted with start-ups and assessing the prospects for their development.


The main discussion period (15 minutes) is preceded by a 5-minute presentation of the project. The pitchers’ goal is to disclose details and clear description of technological parameters and advantages in comparison with potential competitors or analogues in the market. The objective of Startup Lynch participants is to find and argue on bottlenecks, complexities and risks of the project.


For more detailed information contact:

Pavel Belov

Mobile: 8-921-334-45-10