StartupLynch Ingria February

Presentations of technological products to the Ingria Business-Incubator’s Expert in order to provide feedback on the soundness of the business model, technical feasibility, the ability to monetize and scale it, and build the skills required to hold successful business presentations.

The best projects get a chance to become on-site of off-site resident of Ingria immediately after the StartupLynch

Why visit the StartupLynch?

- Find mistakes in your project

- Learn for the mistakes of others

- Get the chance to become a resident of Ingria right after the StartupLynch if the expert analysis of your project goes well

How often does it happen?

On the last Friday of every month. Check our calendar, dates are subject to change.

Do you want to present your project?

In order to participate, you must register in advance: send your contact information (full name, name of project or company, telephone number) to

StartupLynch is one of the regular projects on the Ingria Business Center’s calendar. It is intended as a chance to become familiar with start-ups and evaluate their potential to develop.

The main discussion period is preceded by a 10-minute presentation of the project intended to explain the details, offer a precise description of its technological parameters and its advantages over potential competitors and analogous products on the market. The goal of participants in the StartupLynch is finding and describing the weak points, difficulties and risks of the project.


For more information, contact:

Pavel Belov, Assistant to the Director of the Business Incubator for Program Development

Mobile: +7-921-334-45-10 E-mail: