59 min Scrum game

July 13th at 19:00 Dmitry Jafarov, Agile expert and Business Incubator "Ingria" mentor, and Sergey Medvedev, Agile Specialist of the Product.Vision school will present the game "59 min Scrum".

Are you new to Scrum? Great, this game is just for those who make the first steps in Scrum. The game gives you real experience using Scrum, which will help you on the way of implementation and proper use of the Scrum process. You will learn how to use the full cycle of iterative-incremental development of Scrum, and you will see in your experience how the user value is created.

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Date, time and location:

July 13th, 19 p.m.

Business incubator "Ingria", Prospect Medikov 3, Lit. A, 3rd floor, Conference Hall "Yuzhny"