TTD: Technologies for the metropolis 2017
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59 min Scrum game
Technology Transfer
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  • Presentation session “TTD: Technologies for the metropolis 2017”

    Presentation session “TTD: Technologies for the metropolis 2017”>>

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  • 59 min Scrum game

    59 min Scrum game>>

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  • Residency

    Residency An accelerated development program for young innovative companies. Residents receive support in four areas; investments, mentors, marketing, and HR, as well as access to start-up infrastructure. Duration of the program: up to 36 months. Resident Programme:  The... >>

  • Softlanding

    Softlanding   Gain insight into the Russian market – explore the possibilities
         FOR 500/MONTH
      Personal guide (and account manager) • analyses of needs, planning of services
    • necessary... >>

  • Technology Transfer

    Technology Transfer
    The consultant of projects Sergey Baranov is responsible for direction’s development.   Contact information: Phone : (812) 313 1085 (EXT 128) E-mail:       Project... >>

  • Investment trend

    Investment trend   The attraction of investments for the residents is one of the top priorities of Ingria Business Incubator. In 2009-2015 the amount of investments in the projects of Incubator’s residents was more than 1,95 billion RUR. The projects of our residents... >>

  • Mentors club

    Mentors club   Mentorship is one of the key instruments used to support young innovative companies. A mentor is a specialist, entrepreneur or expert who helps residents to sold unusual managerial and technical issues. As a rule, work with a mentor is conducted on... >>

  • Partnership with Universities

    Partnership with UniversitiesYoung high technology start-ups, as the work of incubators around the world shows, must constantly be in an innovative environment. The most effective way of reaching this goal is joint work involving business incubators and leading technical universities. In... >>

  • Partnership network

    Partnership network Ingria Residency opens for start-ups an access to special offers from Business Incubator partners. Use your advantage by choosing the area you need:    Contact the Coordinator of the Partnership Program, Leonid Antsiferov, +7... >>

  • Verbitsky Andrew, Serial entrepreneur

    Verbitsky Andrew, Serial entrepreneur

  • Djafarov Dmitry, Product Vision

    Djafarov Dmitry, Product Vision

  • Grinenko Alexey, Associate in Prostor Capital

    Grinenko Alexey, Associate in Prostor Capital

  • Barulin Evgeny, CEO, ResumUP

    Barulin Evgeny, CEO, ResumUP

  • Dovzhikov Aleksei, Founder and Director of and TRINET

    Dovzhikov Aleksei, Founder and Director of and TRINET

  • Tekuchev Vladimir, Investment expert

    Tekuchev Vladimir, Investment expert

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  • Droice Labs

    Droice LabsDroice Labs is a healthcare company that brings the power of artificial intelligence to hospitals. Our goal is to put highly accurate predictions at the fingertips of every doctor. This will not only help millions of patients, but also considerably decrease healthcare costs. Droice’s software predicts... >>

  • Piligrim XXI

    Piligrim XXIPilgrim is a tourist service that supports interaction with virtual recreations of architectural landmarks and historical events with the help of mobile applications with augmented reality technology. The main thing that sets Pilgrim apart from existing augmented reality tourist services is the fact... >>

  • Combustion catalysts

    Combustion catalystsOrganization: LLC  "Active-nano"  Project manager: Galina Chernik      ... >>

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